It's Green

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With paper conference material, you don't really know how many attendees will show up, so you print more than you expect because you dare not run out. The resulting overprinted material is show-specific and is wasted after a show. With Conference Companion this is no longer necessary!

What about the material that must be reprinted because of authors' changes? Don't forget the exhibitors who create "show special" product literature, which can't be used elsewhere.

Conference Companion users experience an entirely paperless conference, with all information at their fingertips through an Apple iPod touch or iPhone. No more carrying around program guides, maps, or product literature. No more out of date information during the show. If provided by the meeting, the devices remain useful after the meeting and can be revived in later years.

If every conference we do we can save a few hundred trees and the associated chemicals and waste in land fill sites we are doing substantive good for our communities, locally and globally. Save trees by not preparing and printing volumes of documents that are only of short-term value. Of the conference literature collected by attendees, typically 70% is abandoned in the hotel rooms before returning home.

You can still save a hundred of trees while improving the volume and utility of the multi-media information, updating it constantly and aiding your attendees in having their best meeting ever.