Customer Quotes

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Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA)

Show date Feb 2010

"Besides eliminating the need to print the more than 100,000 pages our conference typically generates, and showcasing the excellent content developed by our members and partners, we believe this exciting initiative clearly shows that Canadian independent content producers are not only adapting to technological change but indeed embracing it in innovative ways," said John Barrack, Chief Operating Officer, CMPA. "I also like to think that we set a new green standard for conferences and trade shows around the world for others to emulate."

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American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS)

Show date May 2010
"This year's meeting is shaping up to be the most innovative and cutting edge in the association's 78 year history, with much of the scientific content accessible to each medical attendee via a personal iPod touch® device," stated AANS Executive Director Thomas A. Marshall.
"From all perspectives, this meeting exceeded our expectations - the delivery of content via the iPod touch was a huge hit for the 3,383 medical attendees, from the highly techno savvy medical students - to veteran neurosurgeons unaccustomed to using such devices," stated AANS Executive Director Thomas A. Marshall.