Conference Companion was founded on eight simple ideas:

What makes it different?

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In the near future we can expect many providers of mobile meeting software. It's such a natural thing to do. Why choose Conference Companion.

Go all the way

If your objective is to stop handing out documents all together then ALL of what you do with paper should be replaced, not just the easy bits. Parliant's Conference Companion is a premiere product whose feature list is so extensive meeting planners stop handing out paper all together. Then we add attendee-only social networking, personal schedules, etc. providing all the information and social platform for attendees to engage with meetings at a new level.

If you go only part way with your mobile offering, then you will continue to have your existing costs of layout and printing plus whatever costs are associated with a partial electronic solution. With a partial solution, where is the saving?

Full-featured Application

Conference Companion is unique in that it is a complete standalone application. Conference Companion is designed primarily for the portable hand-held device market. Our solution provides all content in a format ideally suited to the portable device's screen size, and the simple yet powerful touch controls making use of best practices for presenting information, maps, documents and even advertising. Even attendees with little technical ability will be working effectively in minutes getting the most out of your event.

Field Proven

We have customers who are into their 4th year of using our application to operate their conference. We are aware of no other handheld solution that can make that claim.

Offline Use

For Apple iOS users your meeting data is stored locally on the attendee device for maximum performance. Even when accessing detailed maps, watching video or reading documents, all content is available for instance viewing -- no waiting for downloads. This ensures the application is fully useful to help attendees plan, get around, and see what they want to see, even where wireless networking is not available, such as out on the street, in their hotel rooms, elevators, restaurants, etc..

Active networking is only required to make use of social networking features -- sending/receiving new private messages and accessing the Facebook, Twitter and photo sharing features.

Automatic Sync for iOS Devices

Conference Companion on Apple devices does not trade off up-to-date information for offline use. Conference Companion keeps the device's information up-to-date using an automated sync system whenever networking is available at the conference center (or over the Internet). This means that your event gets all the benefits of up-to-date information like an Internet-based solution, but with the knowledge that your attendees can always get at the information 24/7, no matter where they go.

Sync is invisible to the attendee -- it simply happens while the application is in use on a wireless network -- the application downloads all changes and new content and installs all updates quietly. As the user interacts with the application, the latest information is shown automatically.
Non Apple mobile devices access the most up to date information from our web servers.

Fault Tolerant

In addition to our high end public server connected to the internet, if you like, we can put a server onsite, plus send backups to a remote site during the meeting. Should the local server die, the remote server can take over. Should the internet die, the local server has you covered. We pack parachutes for our clients.

On-site support and services

Parliant makes staff available for on-site support of the Conference Companion solution. For larger conferences, we provide an on-site content server to facilitate social features and data sync services right in the conference center. This option is essential to ensure complete reliability of sync and social services for the duration of the meeting -- eliminating the need for high-cost and potentially unreliable conference-wide Internet service (conferences still have the option of providing attendee Internet access as desired). For smaller conferences, Parliant can provide social and sync services over the Internet instead of on-site.

It is white-labeled

We encourage you to customizable the look of user interface to make it your own. After all, we build our reputation by helping you build yours.