Product Mix

We have award winning Mac Telephony products to run small offices. Winner of two Best of Shows at MacWorld Expo, local recognition via winning OCRI's Best Product of the Year and international recognition via MacWorld Magazines Editor's Choice for Best Product of the Year, Parliant has been busy in the Mac Telephony space long before the iPhone existed. Using that expertise we had a huge jump-start on everyone else when the iPhone SDK was first introduced. We have maintained that lead over the years and have primarily developed internal iPhone applications for large organization (e.g. General Motors) and small. Here is a summary of our current offerings:


is a combination of a USB computer to phone line interface and great software that will announce, answer, transfer & record calls, keep a searchable call history, and dial quickly and efficiently.
• Calls announced
• Calls screened
• Calls recorded
• Calls logged
• Automated Attendant
• Powerful dialing
• Voice mail emailed
• 50+ Features
All this for only $199/line.


automates outbound dialling, message delivery and response recording, for small organizations. It allows you to keep in touch with volunteers, sports teams, parents, patients or parishioners, etc.

Each call delivers a message with individualized information. Call attempts and completions are tracked, logged, with responses recorded. Perfect for appointment reminders, attendance reporting for schools, group notification of event location and time changes for sports teams, political campaigning (a US Senator and the current Mayor of Toronto used our system to get elected),


answers calls from prospects, delivers property information, and transfers the potential home buyer to your cell phone or takes a message. CurbTalker captures prospects and increase listings for Real Estate Brokers. It saves money by tracking ads that generate leads, logs all callers and makes reports that bring true insight into your business!
• Increase sales
• Caller ID callbacks
• Capture drive-bys
• Entice new listings
• and much more... all with no monthly fees!
• Target your ads
• Unlimited calls
• Valuable reports
• Unlimited properties

Conference Companion iOS App

was founded on eight simple ideas:
1) Carry complete up-to-the-minute conference information bundle in a compact handheld.
2) Enable attendees to easily create and maintain a personal schedule, even from large programs.
3) Help attendees arrive at the right place, at the right time, using their portable, personal schedule.
4) Help attendees connect with other attendees, speakers and exhibitors.
5) Go Green with an entirely paperless conference.
6) Make life easier for meeting organizers before, during and after the meeting.
7) Provide compelling services that attract the very best speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors.
8) Help attendees get the most value of your meeting offerings, ensuring they return year after year.

iPhone Development team for hire:

iPhone app development customers include General Motors, creators of Dancing With Stars TV series, American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Canadian Film and Television Association, several other Medical organizations, film festivals, and the Canadian Stroke Network's about to be deployed Sodium Calculator (much like Calorie Counter with a database of prepared foods, fast foods establishments and chain restaurants.)